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Trust the process

Last updated Aug 5, 2022 Edit Source

My younger boy has been learning to walk for a couple months now. And today he suddenly started to walk unaided, 5-6 paces each time. A wonderful moment for every parent 🐥!

The thing is, the baby doesn’t think: “If I practice hard enough, I will eventually be able to walk.” He doesn’t waste time thinking whether he should practice, what he should do, or how long it would take him to master the skill. He doesn’t worry about making mistakes either. He just does his stuff, totally immersed in the process. Then, one day, just like today, bam!, he walks. Isn’t it magical?

As language learners, we too must learn to trust the process. Don’t feel bad if you can’t speak English like your friend even though you have learned 100 new words or listened to it for several months. Trust the process. Immerse yourself in the practice. The outcome will take care of itself.

Vocabulary Highlight

The word pace in this post is synonymous to step, but it also means the speed at which something happens.

It is difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

I prefer the relaxed pace of life in the country.

I don’t like the pace of modern life.