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Smartphones in free time

Last updated Oct 9, 2022 Edit Source

Writing Task 2

Many people nowadays spend a large part of their free time using a smartphone. What do you think are the reasons for this? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?


  • various reasons
    • quick and endless entertainment
      • from music to games to videos
    • too little free time → smartphones = ideal
    • advent of social media: constant activity
      • ppl document life
      • interacting & gossiping
    • addictive in nature
  • negative
    • addiction adversely aff. work/studies
      • lack of focus
      • easily distracted due to intol. to boredom
    • health problems
      • sedentary: less outdoor/physical acti.
      • sleep depri.
    • though entertain, long-term eff. greater

The way people spend their free time has certainly evolved throughout history. Today, an increasing number of people are using the smartphone in a large part of their spare time. This essay will discuss the reasons for this development and explain why it is largely negative.

There are various reasons why many people cannot resist picking up their smartphone in their own time. For one thing, these devices provide quick and diverse entertainment, be it music, games, or all sorts of video online. Since many people are too occupied with work, they have little time left for recreation, and thus tend to see smartphones as an ideal vehicle for pleasure. Furthermore, with the advent of social media comes a new generation called “netizens”, who spend the larger part of their day in the virtual world. Many spend every minute free of obligations on documenting their lives, interacting with friends, and exchanging gossips on social networking platforms. It is clear why people cannot help but fiddle with their phones in their free time.

However, this modern hobby will certainly lead to many undesirable consequences. Addiction to the smartphone can adversely affect their work. When their mind becomes preoccupied with the constant activity on the net, they will find it hard to stay focused. The excessive stimulation brought by their phone will also make them intolerant to boredom, which in turn makes them easily distracted. Too much phone usage can also cause health problems, as they become unwilling to go outdoors and participate in physical activities in their free time. For many, the little free time they have before bed is also spent on the phone. This often results in sleep deprivation, which leads to a multitude of other issues, such as mood swing or eating disorder.

In conclusion, although smartphones are capable of providing their users with endless entertainment, I would argue that spending a large part of our free time on these devices will lead to long term problems, both physical and mental.

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